1. baracknobama:

    only punks can see this reblog if youre a punk

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  2. thestolencaryatid:

    passive aggressive family members

    "guess i’ll never be a grandma"

    "guess i’ll never be an aunt"

    "guess i’ll never be able to dress a niece/nephew"

    stop feeling so entitled to my hypothetical offspring. it is not yours. it is mine. i will grow it if i grow it. and it will be mine. not yours. i am not an incubator which grants you familial titles. jesus. go away. this “have a baby i can play with” thing is so impersonal and insensitive and annoying.

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    • baby:   i- i-i-i- i-
    • mother:   i love you?? are you saying i love you???tony come quick get the camera
    • baby:   i-i- i dont understand why the new up-and-coming meme is a baby saying its first words, because its not really funny per say and it defies the very structure and iota of what a tumblr meme is; a short, chuckleworthy sentence such as ''..................slime man'', ''free him'' or ''i came out tonight to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now'' that can be put after an image post or text post alike. i am wholeheartedly baffled by this whole new meme era and i hope soon that we return to the conventional tumblr meme styles.
  3. My boyfriend & I usually have sex on the floor behind his bed so when you walk in you can only see the bed. And we were having sex one day & I was on top and his mom walks in and she can't see him but she can see me with my shirt on, and she's asking me where he is and I'm sitting on his dick & he's on the bottom trying not to laugh and moving around to make me make faces. And we were talking for like 15 minutes while I was sitting on his dick and having pleasant talk with his mom. NEVER AGAIN.


  4. marceddy:

    when people are really rude and douchey and everyone still loves them


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  6. Tumblring on my phone

    • Mom:   who are you texting?
    • Me:   nobody
    • Mom:   what are you doing then?
    • Me:   nothing


    a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

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  7. canni8al:

    so i was trying to find a picture of a bird that is big so i searched “big bird” but forgot he was a character


    so i went back and typed in “a large bird” and HE IS STILL HERE LOOKIN SAD LIKE I DIDN’T WANT HIM


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  8. lazypacific:


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  9. splders:

    *eats 4 slices of pizza*

    im so full

    *eats another 4 slices of pizza*

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  10. partyintheurl:


    acceptance of those with different beliefs. beautiful.

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